World's 1st Community owned Gaming platform

Betnomi is an industry-level public blockchain that will revolutionize online gambling platforms. With the use of this groundbreaking technology, we aim to provide the safest, transparent, and best gambling experience for everyone.

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About Betnomi

BETNOMI is a leading online gambling operator, offering a wide range of live casino games and thousands of global sporting events to bet on. Licensed and regulated by the Curacao Licensing Authority BETNOMI offers industry-leading 24/7 customer support and a secure and dependable platform for all its players. We are committed to providing the highest level of player satisfaction and setting the top standard for the online casino and sportsbook industry, so the rest may follow.

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Our Games


We provide 45,000 live matches available in 20+ languages.
Bet on the most famous Esports championships such as LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, DOTA2, Starcraft, etc.

Invest, Profit, Exchange and Play

We are excited to introduce the Betnomi crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding will help sustain the maintenance and further development of the Betnomi platform. To participate in crowdfunding, you simply have to buy and hold the Betnomi Tokens which are the native currency for the Betnomi Ecosystem. Betnomi Present a unique opportunity in this hour.

All participants of the crowdfunding campaign (Investors) will be rewarded with a daily payout from the platform. How does this work? Betnomi will automatically distribute 30% of the accumulated GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) each and every day to the Holders of the Token.

Holders of Betnomi Token will have voting power proportional to their stake in the project (Amount of Token held). Votes will be cast on issues such as. Maintainance, Upgrades, Governance, Features, and Future reward distributions, Blockchain protocols, etc.

Take action now, become a part of Betnomi now!

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  • Create an account,
    Join the platform and
    buy Betnomi Token
  • Invest it into the
    Betnomi Dividend
    Sharing program
  • Betnomi shares with
    all investors the GRR
    (gross gaming revenue)
    on a daily basis. Investors
    receive a 30% daily
  • User withdraws
    profit or keeps it to
    accumulate compound
    interest. No locking

Crowdsale and Token Distribution

Betnomi tokens will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize
the Betnomi ecosystem and platform. The Betnomi tokens provide
access to the platform

  • Name: Betnomi Token
  • Ticker: BNI
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • API: Available

Betnomi Token

Betnomi (BNI) is an ERC20 compatible digital token powering the Betnomi Gaming Platform
The Betnomi token is the native currency for the Betnomi Ecosystem and is used for transactions on our Blockchain

It is fully compatible with Ether wallets such as MyEtherWallet

Total token supply 50 million

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Provably fair

Maximum transparency and security guaranteed by a fully decentralized solution and Smart Contracts.

Powerful technology

A versatile framework combining Ethereum-based technology with powerful tools and applications.

Transparency & trust

Smart Contracts shield bets and funds from manipulation. All transactions are on the Blockchain.

Instant payouts

No more outdated payment systems. Smart Contracts promptly pay out the winnings.